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Start ups

We offer a variety of accounting and reporting, transaction accounting, and corporate governance services that can help your company adapt to shifting market conditions, consumer expectations for more transparency, and evolving regulatory needs. In addition, we will assist in strategising, deciphering, and implementing your business growth plan, so that you can feel confident that your business is on track.


We will assist you in creating a dynamic, intelligent, and resilient business by addressing any specific issues your company may be experiencing with reference to gross profit, cost control, stock valuation and so on. By analysing your business finances and processes, we can advise you on cost-cutting, financial decisions and how to create a sustainable business growth plan.


In compliance with local Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards, we can compile financial statements (standalone or consolidated) for your business. In addition, our service also includes overseeing the audit procedure all the way to the financial statements being signed.


We provide a comprehensive range of bookkeeping services and cater our offerings to the unique demands and needs of each client. Invoicing, credit control, payment management services, monthly or quarterly management reporting, reconciliations, and ad hoc reporting are just a few of the services offered.


We can prepare management reports designed just for you, that provide all the information you need in a clear and concise format that’s easy to consume. Our management reporting service gives you a complete overview of your business, allowing us to concentrate on areas where you can increase productivity and cut costs.


Apart from ensuring that you are complying with your income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax requirements, our service includes completing online returns and advising you of payments due. We also identify areas where you might need more tax guidance to lessen your liabilities.


We offer solutions that will ensure your business complies fully with all relevant legal requirements. We will also create the best tax and social security plans for your local and international employees, minimising any compliance and tax concerns for your business in Jersey.



We provide Jersey taxation services to both individual and corporate clients, and can advise on all aspects of local compliance. We assist individuals, sole traders, partnerships and companies with GST planning and compliance including the registration, preparation and submission of GST returns.


We offer a comprehensive range of payroll services, including cost analysis, management reporting, and payroll processing. When you partner with us, you can be certain that the complete range of payroll processing is securely controlled from beginning to end, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


Throughout your business's lifecycle, from incorporation to maintenance and dissolution/strike off, we can advise on and help with a variety of company secretarial processes and assist your business in adhering to all statutory company secretarial requirements.


Our highly skilled and experienced team cover all the services you need in order to fully take care of your personal and business finances. Using Layzell & Co means you can rest assured knowing everything is being taken care of behind the scenes - efficiently and professionally. 

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